Cable Processing & Granulation

Global Recycling Trading LLC offers a bespoke service for cable processing and granulation. We buy cables especially copper wire nationwide, brokering services to collect and recycle old cables besides we process cables from end-of-life vehicles.
Cables we buy:

Pylon & Transformer Dismantling, Removal and Disposal

We pride in our extensive experience in the services of dismantling of pylons, transformers and substations. We are a full service company who collect the material from site and then dispose keeping in view the environmental legislation. Our dismantler team is certified to carry out the risk assessed processes while carrying out your bespoke method statement. The obsolete transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment are de-oiled before removal, dismantled, transported and recycled safely. All the scrap is properly processed to ensure environmental sustainability. Your site is left clean and tidy as soon as the work is completed. In full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, utilities and industrial facilities, we offer management of:

Decommission of Rolling Stock

Global Recycling Trading LLC has been in the business of dismantling electric locomotives and scrap for a long time. We have an unparalleled benchmark treatment facility to carry out the task. Decommissioning of rolling stock presents a huge environmental challenge as well as technical precision challenge. Among the few companies that offer this service, we pride ourselves in our market credibility of offering a full range expertise. It includes logistics, dismantling, removal of asbestos, metal recovery for the purpose of recycling and processing of non-recyclable waste. All the processes especially the ones dealing with asbestos are carried out in closed, clean and sealed environment to avoid any dust dispersion. Asbestos removal is carried out after each carriage is stripped from its seats and steps. We keep our processes eco-friendly and ensure recovery of 97% of the materials from rolling stock.
Cables we buy:

Manufacturing of Aluminum Ingots

With our expertise we strive to offer the best quality aluminum ingots to our customers. The metal is purified up to the international standards and then marked as ready for sale. GRT LLC sells aluminum ingots to the national market as well as exports to the markets of UK, USA and EU. For modified specifications feel free to contact the company and we will make sure to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

Factory & Machinery Dismantling, Removal & Disposal

Are you planning to decommission your factory or industrial site?
GRT LLC offers clearing and processing of waste from your premises. Our teams carefully dismantle building components for recycling. The obsolete machinery is removed with care and health and safety is ensured as a priority at all times. We have built a reputation as a company that provides high quality industrial dismantling service, scrap metal recycling, its removal and processing.
We are experienced in the removal of plant equipment, machinery and complex utility infrastructure. We take care of all your responsibilities from project planning, lifting equipment, labor, debris removal and collection bins. The metal equipment gathered is shifted to our metal yard for processing and recycling. Our teams are efficiently trained and licensed to dispose of any waste from your industrial site safely and properly.
Reach out by calling us or leaving a message and our team will get back to you. We will make a complex solution easy for you.

Manufacturing Of Copper Based Ingots, Slabs & Billets

Global Recycling Trading LLC manufactures copper based ingots, slabs and billets. To meet customer’s individual requirements we aim at producing modified specifications according to their wishes. Give us a call and let us know your requirement.
Copper based ingots we produce:
Copper based ingots we produce:

Our Services

Secure Destruction

We offer reduced costs for the whole procedure including receiving, handling and destroying with full privacy protection. We offer a complete audit trail and proof of destruction through our certified destruction solutions. Our team of professionals takes care of protecting your proprietary information while providing end-to-end service. The steps involved in our procedure are a collection of material, secure destruction and full audit. It is important to us that you get the proof of destruction for your peace of mind. Our service excels on these 4 important points:

Precision Engineering

We are industry-leading contractors in precision engineering techniques. We specialize in the fields of Metal Fabrication, Die-cutting and Metalworking along with CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Deep hole-boring and Honing. At GRT LLC we offer you tailored metalwork solutions which are met with cutting-edge techniques. In addition to these services, we offer in-house capabilities which include sawing, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, thread cold working, phosphate coating, metal shot/glass bead peening, straightening press and several tons overhead lifting capability.The benefits of working with Global Recycling Trading LLC are:

Product Sourcing

Be it ferrous or non-ferrous material, you can find everything under one roof when it comes to us. We have extensive connections and reliable suppliers working with us for over many years. Let us know what you want and we will hunt down the most suitable supplier for you and provide you the right product of your choice at the best price.
All you need to do is tell us your product and your price. It will be our foremost priority to find you the best product that meets your demand at the most lucrative price. In addition to this, we will supply your product where you need it on the time decided. Be it domestic or international market, we ensure the timely delivery of your products streamlined with international trading protocols.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

We are proud to serve our clients through our fast, reliable, affordable and accurate delivery service all over the world. We have an impressive fleet of vehicles to deal with all kinds of logistics and their delivery. Our transport service is made efficient with a large array of vehicles to choose from like Luggers, Skip containers, Rolonofs, Bulk tippers, Flatbeds or Curtainside truck. With an extensive fleet of vehicles, rail networks, sea dock, specialist containers for loading operations and a dedicated international shipping team our highly trained professionals ensure a smooth delivery worldwide to your specified place in your specified time.

Customer Support

Our customer support aims at providing timely and empathetic help by keeping the needs of customers at the forefront of each interaction. The skilled and empowered agents of GRT LLC can help you find easy solutions of your complex questions and requests. Working round-the-clock, the customer support team is available to facilitate you with any query you have regarding sales, tech support or customer success. Equipped with the right tools, the teams are on their toes to deliver personalized, fast, and expert service.