Materials We Buy

Ferrous/Steel Scrap

Global Recycling Trading buys all types of ferrous/steel scrap from scrap dealers, manufacturing processes, households, demolition, local authorities & traders.

Non-Ferrous Scrap

CF Booth buys all types of non-ferrous scrap arising from scrap dealers, manufacturing processes, household, demolition, local authorities & tradesmen.
Copper Grades:

Demolition Scrap

Demolition contractors demolish all kinds of structures on daily basis. It results in thousands of tons of metal scrap and construction material. If you are a demolition contractor in need of a full skip drop-off and collection service, Global Recycling offers its extensive on-site services to you which include

End of Life Vehicles

Global Recycling has been dealing in end-of-life vehicles for a long time. We stick to the rules and do it through proper procedure hence building our credibility in the market. Reach out and make use of our highly efficient recycling processes for electric motor recovery, processing of automotive parts and car fluff.
We are well aware that recovery of car scrapping waste requires precise technology. Our electric motor processing and metal waste recovery processes are carried out to extract quality material from car scrap. We have fully established vehicle shredding plants that operate automatically avoiding any compromise on the quality of the material.
We deal with thousands of tons of end-of-life vehicles every year. You can have your customizable vehicle recycling plan. At GRT, you will be given maximum economic benefit at competitive prices.

To reduce the impact of landfill transfer we keep in view the environmental aspect by recovering secondary raw material from the scrap.


Global Recycling Trading LLC buys and sells all kinds of cables including Copper, Aluminum and Lead covered cables. We have industry specific machinery and expertise to process all types of cables. If you are looking for premium quality products such as cables and copper & plastic granules, look no further and give us a call.
Look below, a list of some of the main types of cables we buy/sell:


Global Recycling Trading LLC has emerged as a distinguished name for supplying/buying aluminum scrap in the international market. We trade in aluminum bars, rods, alloys, wheels, wire, cans and aluminum scrap. With relevant professional product consulting we strive to facilitate our customers with desired quality of aluminum scrap.
Our well-equipped processing plants are run by trained professionals to ensure the proper inspection, grading and analysis of the metal scrap. It is ensured by the experts that the metal reaches its maximum possible purity level before molding it to required shape and form. We get aluminum scrap supplied from several sources mainly aiming to avoid waste and encouraging reusing to make our procedures environmentally friendly.
Below is a list of the main types of Aluminum scrap we buy/sell:


We buy/sell copper scrap from the UAE to all over the world. Global Recycling Trading LLC is known for its quality maintenance among its trading partners. The copper cable scrap is processed through our processing plants to ensure the stability of the copper wire. All the necessary steps are involved in maintaining high-quality controls. We source both pure copper and copper cable scrap from reliable dealers, which is inspected and graded at our processing units.
We believe in using industry specific techniques to promote the sustainable use of copper materials. The role of copper is becoming more prominent as the global shift is seen towards a more sustainable future. It is the material of choice for present and future industrialists. We pride in being a part of the extensive supply chain and to be known as a reliable trading partner in the trading business world.
Below is a list of some of the main types of scrap we buy/sell: