About Us

Based in Dubai, UAE, Global Recycling Trading is one of the top metal recycling companies that broker scrap metal for commercial, industrial and manufacturing purposes. With decades of hands-on experience and high-tech processing machinery, we aim at providing the best value to our scrap metal customers. Our market-competitive prices and efficient service speaks volumes of our success in the scrap metal market.

As scrap metal brokers, Global Recycling Trading enables you at every step from collecting material from your facility to recycling, packaging, delivering to the third party and handling logistics. You do not have to bother about transporting the scrap as we give an efficient pick-up scrap service. Our team will take it right from your place and deliver it to our recycling plant. It also delivers the recycled materials further to the place of your liking.

We are the highest paying market in the Gulf for scrap metal. We ensure that you capitalize easily on higher prices for scrap to receive the top dollar. Our definition of success is growing stronger by growing together. Our powerful partnerships with our customers and buying parties provide them with the efficient full service of recycling the scrap and converting it into reusable material as well.

Above all, Global Recycling Trading is mindful of its impact on the environment. We have recycled tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and provided the best scrap prices among the scrap recycling trading companies across the UAE. In all the processes carried out, GRT has invested in advanced technologies to reduce waste that ends up in landfills. We keep the recycling processes sustainable for the environment by making reusable material out of scrap.